Crypto Learn: The Amazing Legendary Paw blockchain ecosystem

The tech world is advancing daily, AI and Blockchain systems represent the future of finance, #ownership and much more. #LegendaryPaw intends to cover all of the blockchains actual issues by providing worldwide users with a complete #ecosystem, benefiting enhanced security, lower fees, community earnings, business, and personal #digitaltokens access with ease, and an advanced system of multiple back projects to ensure the best balance of supply and demand.

The first in line is the #PAW tokens, designed with a 42mil max #supply and a smart contract that blocks token minting or burnin’ and offers to #holders 1% of all future transaction fees. With a total gas fee of 3%, 1 % going to development, and 1% back into the supply pool. PAW is the #currency used across the ecosystem for all transactions and #rewards.

As a fixed supply cryptocurrency, and with the smart contract rules, PAW will grow in value in time, much easier than many other coins available on the market today. The #NFTs are the second part, already launched, within the Legendary Paw ecosystem. The PAW multiple #NFT collections are followed by utility, the first of which is access to the PawCon, a blockchain and business #conference that will be held one time per year.

The NFTs will be used in more places within the Legendary Paw: Dogs and Cats ecosystem, at all times represented by digital Dogs & Cats.

The second utility for the PAW NFTs is their use as play Avatars within the Under Development Play to Earn online Game. The game is developed as a magical #Petaverse living into the Blockchain.

The players will be represented by Dogs and Cats in Epic Adventures, being rewarded in PAW tokens for their participation and results. Staking the PAW #tokens and PAW NFTs will also be available for the holders, offering a way to score profits by helping the ecosystem to grow. The initial sales of NFTs and Tokens will help the team develop, to bring to life the roadmap and other back projects that will appear over time.

From the Legendary Paw: Dogs & Cat’s remarkable design will benefit the entire blockchain world, not only its holders. The team is working on an App similar to #Revolut but fully optimized for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Everyone can use it to access, trade, or withdraw from ATMs.

Discover more about the Legendary Paw project by reading the White Paper, we often improve it with all of our new exciting news.