Legendary PAW All Set to Transform NFT Gaming Scenario




  • LEGENDARY PAW is a unique ‘play-to-earn’ Binance Smart Chain token capitalizing on NFT and meme coins similar to Axie Infinity.
  • The company aims to overcome current crypto market challenges with its financial world-changing projects and NFT games.
  • PAW estimates a valuation of over 4 trillion dollars by 2030.


Play-to-earn NFT tokens


Crypto gaming is getting ever popular with its play and earn model where participants get rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs like Axie Infinity. These games use Blockchain technology to reward the players. Users can trade, gamble, or stake these tokens for online transactions or real-world payments.


What is Legendary PAW?


Legendary PAW is a new NFT game packaged with famous and adorable pet characters, or currency one can use as online cryptocurrencies. This new token is all set for its launch in 2022 promises utility from the first day. This unique concept is a creation of founder Gabriel E., co-owners Paolo Stylianou, and Iakovos Iniatis.


The company aims to transform the NFT game scenario with backing from 7 milestone financial projects and get profits depending on the financial data (marketplace, exchange, payment processor and cards, stock exchange & crypto platform, and more).


Legendary PAW features


Legendary PAW aims to be the new Metaverse decentralized, developer-friendly, community-driven, GameFi platform. (Web 3.0). The GameFi platform empowers the user with a unique rewarding system ensuring high engagement and fun. These PAW allocated tokens use tokenomics, gaming, and finance and combine DeFi and NFTs for creating a noteworthy ‘Play to Earn Ecosystem.’



The NFT game platform features-


Dogs and cats pet characters– These pet avatars will make playing and earning more fun. The platform will also offer potions or accessories.


NFT Slots– PAW will feature an NFT slot machine, similar to Vegas slot machines. The web platform will feature a dedicated section to such try your luck gaming. It offers special tickets, free updates on losing the NFT, or getting an extra Legendary one after wins.


Special Edition NFTs– The company will release special edition NFTs during holidays, special events, and contests. These will ensure quick turnaround times and a continuous content stream to the PAW community.


Other prominent features- 


Staking– Every NFT will be unique and will have unique staking rewards

Market Place– Trade your pet avatars on the PAW marketplace (single or as a stack) and create a free consumer market

NFT Standard- It leverages the BEP-1155 NFT standard for multiple benefits


What makes Legendary PAW unique from other crypto games?


PAW offers multiple benefits compared to other play-to-earn games. With its aim to eliminate current crypto market problems using milestone projects, it will ensure a constant cash flow. Their unique technology can be a direct competitor to Blockchain. Moreover, it has a well-designed marketing strategy, investors, growth model and will be listed on major exchanges.


  • PAW will offer its depositors future investment options
  • The coin will provide financial data for all the projects involved ensuring 100 percent transparency
  • Investors will get rewards with profit percentage from the launched projects


Legendary PAW is currently at the Private Investment Stage


The Future of NFT Games- PAW offers high scalability, fully decentralized, cross-chain interoperability, and a secure platform. It is currently in its private investment and will start its development phase in 2022. The unique coin is also offering a pre-sale on January 13, 2022. Pre-Sale Price will be 1 BNB = 500 PAW.

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