Legendary PAW Ethereum NFT Mint to Take Place On April 1



  • The play-to-earn BSC token PAW is all set to introduce NFT mint on April 1, 2022
  • PAW is currently running its pre-sale and ICO since March 24, 2022
  • The company is also working on introducing the transition of the PAW project to their Fintech company IAPA Trading Ltd.

The Legendary PAW ecosystem, with its token capitalizing on NFTs and based on the Binance Smart Chain, will introduce its Ethereum mint on April 1, 2022. Their first two collections will be available for minting on OpenSea and Crypto.com|NFT. Moreover, the PAW project is also set to transition to their Fintech company IAPA Trading Ltd with the same team and founders to support more projects in the future.

Get a sneak peek of the LEGENDARY PAW here: What is LEGENDARY PAW? Coin and Game OF THE METAVERSE FUTURE – YouTube

Legendary PAW is a 42 million total supply BSC token combining the power of reasonable buy and sell taxes to improve the BSC space. Part of each transaction tax will be allotted towards liquidity, ensuring less price volatility. The company aims to establish a foundation of innovative blockchain technology by making it possible for the BSC token to work with their Ethereum NFTs. Users can combine them (DeFis and NFTs) on the PAW universe and make profits and engage with PAW’s play-to-earn games offering.

About PAW NFT minting

PAW’s mission is to transform the NFT game scenario with its seven milestone projects and earn profits from the marketplace, stock exchange & crypto platform, exchange, and more.

The company will start NFT minting with 2 collections out of 4 and will be announcing mint dates in the future for the other two collections. The NFT collection names are Pixelated, Infinity, Legendary, and Diamond. Every NFT will be backed by unique characteristics revealed during the launch of ‘The Shelter.’ The company will launch others during the launch of its AR game and has also hinted at extensive surprises towards the end.

Legendary Paw Club highlights

With the PAW NFTs and their distinct features, users can create their own NFT avatars and access the features of the PAW ecosystem like-


  • Multiple collections– The PAW blub will offer more than 50,000 NFTs and 4 different collections
  • Limited traits and excellent rarity- Although the NFTs have unique features, they feature extensive diversity.
  • Day one utility– All PAW NFTs offer utility since day one

The PAW club members can explore the new world with blockchain-based pet characters like dogs and cats. Players can collect rare and virtual things in the game metaverse like mutagen serums, land, weapons, and dogs and cats. Every player can utilize these collectibles to compete with each other, fight, or simply chill on the game metaverse. Users can also gamble at the slot machine game and earn rewards in PAW coins.

Similarly, the PAW NFT also has more to offer and doubles like the Club membership card. In addition, the PAW membership provides some unique benefits to its members, like access to The Shelter, a collaborative board. In the future, the community can unlock more perks.

With their NFT mint scheduled on April 1, the company is currently working on showcasing their NFT characters to the PAW community. In addition, they are also making efforts to launch their slot game (soon to be announced) and their AR game launching in the first quarter of 2023. Moreover, the company also features daily updates on its social media channels and website.

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