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  • Slot & Ar Game, Nft Platform

  • Credit, Debit Cards And Payment Processor

  • Defi Global Payment App

The company wants to offer verified coins, NFTs, and smart contracts to PAW investors. They will also launch their unique NFT collection 7 days after the pre-sale.

Between others, the Legendary PAW Yacht Club will offer a unique series of VIP NFT’s, to be used for One Time Access to the Luxurious Party  that will take place starting this summer, in Cyprus, more details will be soon be released on the Legendary Paw website and social media accounts.

The Legendary PAW project pre-sale will take place on March 24th, 2022.

The company aims to launch the Slot Game right after the sold-out of the first 7 NFT collections; the dates of the Slot Game launch will soon be online on their website.

The company achieved 4.5 million euros from private investing. Multiple private investor groups reached out to Legendary PAW transforming the private investing stage into a real success.

With these prospects, PAW can now enhance its upcoming pre-sale launch and game marketing, guaranteeing higher success rates.

The new pre-sale also ensures higher profits to investors and also to the PAW community as a part of the back projects have already begun.

PAW’s high-end technology can prove to be a direct competitor to Blockchain. The company features an effective marking strategy and growth model, ensuring easy listing for its NFTs and smart contracts on major exchange platforms. A user can benefit from the following feature of PAW:

Staking – Verified NFTs with distinct staking rewards

Market Place – Tradable pet avatars are easily available on the PAW marketplace

NFT Standard – PAW leverages BEP-1155 NFT standard

PAW will offer verified coins, NFTs, and smart contracts at the upcoming pre-sale

The play-to-earn game promises high scalability, 100 percent decentralization, cross-chain interoperability, and a 360 secure platform to investors. The company also declared that users can mutate NFTs with the company’s NFT mutagen.

PAW has also announced an AIR sale before its NFT collection and marketplace launch. The AIR sale will provide opportunities to grab NFT randomly, which will directly reach their wallets.

With its current capital achieved of 4.5 million euros from private investment, the company is sure about surpassing its initial evaluation by 2030.

Legendary PAW pre-sale will take place on March 24, 2022; with more offerings to investors. Pre-Sale Price will be 1 PAW = € 1.40.

About Legendary PAW

Founded by Gabriel Ene, co-owned by Paolo Stylianou, and Iakovos Iniatis, PAW is a unique Binance Smart Chain token that works on the play-to-earn strategy. With their unique concept, PAW developers aim to transform the current challenges of the crypto market with their NFT games and milestone projects.

With its unique pet characters, the token can be utilized as a currency across their platform without any fees. Its unique GameFi platform features a rewarding mechanism promising ultimate fun and engagement while making profits. The token combines NFTs and DeFi to create its finance and gaming-based ecosystem.

PAW tokens are an asset and a part of the Legendary Token Platform, an ecosystem where everyone can create their exclusive tokens using different assets. Users can utilize these tokens as a cryptocurrency with zero transaction charges.

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