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Utility Token

We’re excited to unveil our newest addition to the Legendary Paw ecosystem – DaryX Coin (DaryX). DaryX Coin is a revolutionary digital currency designed to empower our community and drive innovation within the Legendary Paw project.


Multiple NFT collections

DaryX: AI Dogs & Cats

📢  Minting after DaryX launch only on OpenSea

These NFTs are more than art; they are imperfectly perfect masterpieces through the lens of AI creativity.


Collect, and participate in exciting events.

We’ve got an array of back projects lined up, all designed to bolster token stability and drive demand. Our community-driven approach ensures every project benefits the Legendary Paw ecosystem.

Why Us

How we do it

Gain Blockchain Advantage

Innovative strategies

Legendary Paw is a blockchain-powered ecosystem at the forefront of innovation, where our community of pet lovers, crypto enthusiasts, and blockchain believers come together. We’re excited to share our journey with you.

Introducing DaryX Coin (DaryX)

  1. Fixed Supply: DaryX Coin has a total fixed supply of 42 million coins, ensuring scarcity and value preservation.

  2. Zero Taxes: We believe in a straightforward and fair approach. DaryX Coin imposes no taxes, allowing you to transact freely without hidden fees.

  3. Utility Token: DaryX Coin serves as the primary utility token within the Legendary Paw ecosystem, powering our various back projects and initiatives.

  4. Community-Centric: DaryX Coin is built with our community in mind, fostering a vibrant and engaged network of users.

  5. Beyond the Ecosystem: While DaryX Coin is integral to our ecosystem, our vision extends beyond our borders. We aim to make DaryX Coin a versatile and widely accepted digital currency.

From Art to Science

What's Next?

We’re launching our new NFT collections on OpenSea in April 2024, featuring both the classic and the all-new Amazing Collections. Each of our assets will have its dedicated website, providing detailed information and status updates.



About Us

Who we are

Project Vision and Mission

You are the decisive factor behind the project's success

Legendary Paw’s vision is to develop a fully working blockchain ecosystem, to cover all the blockchain needs,
constantly searching and solving new problems in real-time,
at a low cost, and with the highest security possible.

We make it our mission to offer simple yet advanced
blockchain and digital services to our community, using the
wealth-sharing concept to share the project’s profits with
the community, our most beloved pets, dogs & cats, and of
course with the people in need.




Legendary Paw is evolving, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we'll shape the future of pet-loving blockchain communities.
World's Fastest

Future Plans and Milestones

Phase 1: Get Legendary Paw trending

Phase 2: Vibe and HODL – DaryX Coin (DaryX)

Phase 3: PAW Takeover – 1000+

Phase 4: Community Partnerships

Phase 5: PAW Merch

Phase 6: PAW Tolls and Services ( back projects )

Phase 7: Top 10 Takeover

Phase 8: Developing further

Phase 9: Legendary Paw’s blockchain deployment

The cryptocurrency and NFT’s market is a volatile and risky one, as is well known, but the LEGENDARY PAW
team will strive to change these aspects, but nothing is guaranteed, as the deciding factor remains
the market: supply and demand, and we cannot influence the price/value or results in any way.

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